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Flow Cells

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Flow Cells offer a complete gravity flow solution - from beams to tracks. These durable, modular storage stations can increase your production efficiency by 30% and space utilization by 50%. Ramp up your warehouse operations today with Unex!


  • Assembles in under an hour
  • Ergonomic to reduce injury and fatigue
  • Perfect for FIFO rotation
  • Brilliant blue powder coat finish
  • Easily reconfigurable to accommodate line changes
  • Constructed with heavy gauge steel
  • Modular design for maximum specialization
  • Available with all varieties of Span Track flow
  • Levels adjust on 1" centers
  • 7 year warranty

When choosing a gravity flow solution for your warehouse, you can either choose to outfit your existing pallet racking (if applicable), or you can use Flow Cells - an all-inclusive solution. Here are the benefits of each choice - rollover the check marks to see an explanation.

Flow Cell Pallet Rack

Configurability Accessories available, beams/tracks adjust every 1"

Compatibility Works with existing pallet racks

Mobility Available casters for mobile stations

Versatility Accessories allow for specialized applications


Here are some of the most popular configurations available. Flow Cells can be assembled in countless variations that work specifically for your space and carton. Click the image for a larger view.

Workstation Complete with tool bar, pick trays, and workbench for faster, more ergonomic picking.
Pick Shelf Great for slow movers. Tilted for easy picking.
Single Lane Cart This cart has 4 levels of knuckled Span Track which is ideal for dynamic storage in lineside applications.
Lineside Cart With 4 lanes of Span Track and a workbench, it is ideal for lineside and sub-assembly applications.
Mobile Cart Pushback-style for loading and picking from the front. Usually used against walls.
Stand Alone Carton Flow The standard configuration - rack and track for dynamic, efficient storage.


For a complete list of specifications, click here. Get an idea of pricing on common sizes here.

  • Beam capacity:  per level
  • Cart capacity:  (4 casters at  each)
  • Track capacity up to per ft.
  • Structural components: heavy gauge 1.75” square tube
  • Posts: stocked in 6” increments from 36” to 84”; custom sizes available. Punched 1" on center
  • Beams: stocked in 6” increments from 12” to 96”; custom sizes available
  • Foot plates: 4” by 4.5”


Work Bench Add-On Pick Tray Overhead Tool Bar Casters Pick Shelves
Galvanized steel, 12" and 18" deep 30° angle. 12" and 15" deep For tools, lighting and accessories 4" diameter. Swivel or rigid (Includes side brake) Galvanized steel, available in tilted and flat, up to 60" deep


CASE STUDY: Android Industries

Modular Flow-Thru Workstations Help This GM Supplier Deliver “Just in Time”… Every Time

"We can put 4 days worth of parts on the Flow Cell and not have to replace material." - Mark Greer, Lead Engineer

Android Industries, a valued GM supplier since 1989, knows the road to a successful relationship and what it takes to keep pace with the renowned car and truck builder. At its seventh and newest facility in Shreveport LA, it takes top quality outfitting or “engine dressing” of close to a thousand GM engine/transmission assemblies per day, sequenced and delivered ‘just-in-time’… every time! Read more...