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The durability of plastic paired with the convenience of stacking storage, our stacking storage bins are perfect for your home or business. Made out of durable polypropylene or recycled plastic bins, these plastic sorting bins can fit atop one another on your existing wire shelving to help manage parts, optimize storage space, and maintain accurate inventory counts. Durable plastic allows you to safely transport sensitive goods or withstand varied environments, even on greenhouse shelving. Available in a number of different sizes and colors to match any space that needs extra storage capacity.

Stacking Bins

With these stackable storage bins from, you can utilize your vertical space better than ever before. Ideal for larger workspaces and workbenches where separation and sorting of small tools and items is key, these bins can keep your inventory where it needs to be.

Nesting Bins

Also called “non-stacking bins”, these bins are perfect for any work area or space that needs flat, horizontal storage without a lot of vertical room. And when they’re not in use, they can be stored together in a nested set to maximize shelf space and keep them right at hand when you need them. Best of all, their design and layout means reduced shipping costs for you!

Bin Labels

One of the biggest frustrations you can encounter during your workday is not being able to find the supplies you need. Our storage bin labels are designed to work perfectly with our storage bins and totes to help keep your supplies organized and ready to go right when you need them.