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Prefabricated Industrial Offices

Prefab Industrial Offices hold many advantages over stick-built construction. The ability to disassemble a room and relocate it elsewhere or redesign the layout for another application gives owners maximum flexibility.

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Far from just another stick-built warehouse partition, our prefabricated industrial offices are an ideal solution for anyone needing an in-plant office without wanting to commit to a permanent location. These offices can be easily disassembled and relocated to provide maximum flexibility in floor layout, all while maintaining the convenience and usability of a traditional office on the shop floor.

The fully fabricated wall panels mean construction time is a fraction of the time it takes to assemble a site-built office, and it reduces waste, mess, and disruptions to daily operations. And they offer far more than convenience; the materials used meet strict industrial requirements for sound control, fire ratings, and insulation, and the optional steel facings offer superior strength and durability. Best of all, the fast seven-year depreciation offers a tremendous price advantage when compared to similar, site-built offices.

In-Plant Office Benefits & Features

    • Provides excellent supervisory view

    • Floor loads are 100-psf I/360 deflection

    • Deck heights are 8 to 12 feet

    • Frees valuable manufacturing areas underneath

    • Maximizes the use of expensive floor space

    • The fastest mezzanine installation

    • The easiest mezzanine to move

    • Designs for a wide range of sound control and fire ratings

    • Professional installations nationwide

    • 22 gauge steel ribbed roof deck, full 88" ceiling ht. on all models

    • 20" x 30" 3/16" temp safety glass window

    • Non-progressive design remove and exchange wall panels without disturbing adjacent panels

    • Heavy duty 20 gauge 36" x 84" hollow metal door, stainless steel grade II lock set.

    • Optional: 3/16" temp safety glass window

    • Optional: H.V.A.C. packages available

    • Optional: Modular wiring kit connects all outlets, lights and switches knows that construction budgets are tighter today than ever before, and our prefabricated modular offices are the perfect way to keep up with shrinking costs and ever-changing floor plans due to new machinery, inventory control, and other commonly-encountered warehouse and industrial needs. To further enhance storage space, these offices work great with our storage mezzanines to make the most out of your floorspace.

Our offices aren’t just for warehouses and factories, either. Set one up at your construction job site, use them as research & development cleanrooms, even use them as modular cafeterias, libraries, and classrooms in educational settings.

Whatever you need a convenient and economical office partition for, you can rely on for all your modular & in-plant building needs. Contact us today or check out some plant office case studies for more information!

Two-story pre-fabricated office installation

Industrial offices in factory

Industrial offices in factory

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Prefabricated office in factory

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Prefab office in Warehouse

Prefab office in Warehouse

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