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In-Plant Office Case Study

Over the years, we’ve installed multiple in-plant offices for Century Plastics. They needed a quick and easy way to separate spaces – but one that was temporary. With a plant of their size, demands are always changing and things often need to be moved around. Once hearing their needs, knew the perfect solution.

As opposed to drywall rooms, in-plant (or modular) offices are versatile and can move & adapt to changing needs. They also create less mess and can be installed in 3-5 days. Because they can be installed in pieces, this route is less disruptive to a facility’s workflow.

Read on for a breakdown of the different modular offices we constructed.


As a constantly expanding company, Century Plastics outgrew their existing breakroom. Adding a modular office not only provided a clean and safe area for their team members, but allowed the option to re-purpose it in a different location in the future if needed.

Pull Test Room

Lacking an enclosed space with a controlled environment, we constructed this office and added a roll-up door for the conveyor. We also put in LED lighting to provide extra illumination. In order to avoid holding up employees, we came in on the weekend to install.

All rooms have air conditioning built in, as well as electrical outlets. We’re able to accommodate any type of outlet, and can pre-wire the office so an electrician just needs to do the main hookup – which will save you money.

There are many other features available to make your in-plant office work for you. You can add a steel finish to the exterior walls to create a more durable surface or make them liftable by forklifts. There is also an option to add a load-bearing ceiling so you can store items above, or double stack the modular office to maximize space. We can also provide flooring for the office, or just place it on what’s currently there.

IT Room

Century Plastics needed a secure place to store their IT equipment. Instead of finding an office to put it in, we built one. We included an air conditioning unit to ensure their IT infrastructure was climate controlled.