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Lyon 8000 Series Steel Clip Shelving

Lyon 8000 Series Shelving is designed to accommodate an assortment of applications across several settings including industrial facilities and warehouses, educational institutions, offices, and retail stores. Well known for its easy assembly, efficient use of space, superior strength, and versatility, the clip shelving is perfect for promoting organization within your workplace.

Structured using sturdy steel shelves with compression clips, this storage solution facilitates fast, tool-free adjustments - making reconfiguration significantly easier.

Whether you choose 8000 Series steel closed shelving for additional protection and greater stability or open shelving for higher visibility and quicker access to items, the Lyon clip shelving will exceed your expectations and transform your storage space.

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Steel Shelving Types

While they offer the same durability and versatility, this clip shelving comes in different types and several styles. Knowing the difference between the steel shelving (as well as other types of metal shelving) can help you make the right selection for your industrial facility, warehouse, dispensary, office, or retail store.

Closed-Type Steel Shelving

Get the maximum security and structural support for your industrial storage needs with closed clip shelving units. Encased on the back and sides, closed-type steel systems promote cleanliness and provide item protection and stability. For additional security, optional locking cabinet doors can be added to increase protection and limit access to sensitive goods.

Open-Type Steel Shelving

Perfect for an assortment of items, open clip shelving is a practical general-purpose storage solution for warehouses, offices, garages, and more. With an open design similar to our wire shelving that provides high visibility and accessibility from all sides, loading and retrieving inventory from the shelves is simple. All hardware is included for easy assembly, and additional shelves are available to increase storage capacity.

Additional Shelves for Steel Shelving Units

Easily customize your steel shelving system with additional shelves! Pick the shelf depth and width that best matches your needs and increase your current storage capacity to meet the changing organizational requirements of your workplace. Compatible with both closed and open clip shelving to maximize any shelving solution you already have in place.