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Clip Steel Shelving

Perfect for the home, the office, the warehouse, and even the garage, our steel shelving is one of the most versatile storage types we offer. The clip type steel shelving system means your shelves can be configured to meet any need, from the personal to the commercial.

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Steel Shelving Types

While they all offer the same secure storage, durability, and weight limit, steel shelves actually come in several different types and styles. Knowing the difference between these types of steel shelves (as well as other types of metal shelves) can help you make the right selection for your warehouse, your retail store, your dispensary shelving, or any other type of business that needs extra shelf capacity.

Closed-Type Steel Shelving

Get the maximum support and security for your industrial storage needs with closed-type clip shelving units. Closed-type steel systems are enclosed on the back and sides like a traditional cabinet or bookcase to provide stability, item protection, and cleanliness. The increased durability will help with the heaviest items, and the enclosed design helps to better protect your inventory, your work area, and your employees. For additional security, optional locking cabinet doors can be added to increase protection and limit access to sensitive goods.

Open-Type Steel Shelving

Perfect for the inexpensive storage of a large quantity and variety of items, open-type clip shelving is a functional and economic design for storage of general items in the garage, the office, the warehouse, and many more. With an open design similar to our standard wire shelving that provides easy access to the back and sides, loading and retrieving items from these shelves is a breeze. All hardware is included for easy assembly, and additional shelves are available as add-ons.

Additional Shelves for Steel Shelving Units

Easily customize your steel shelving system with additional shelves! Pick the shelf depth that best matches your needs and increase your current storage capacity to meet the changing organizational needs of the workplace. Compatible with both open and closed-type clip shelving to help maximize any shelving solution you already have in place.