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Rust-Proof and Antimicrobial Wire Shelving

Although regular wire shelving is very durable, certain types of environments require special types of wire shelving. Nexelon shelving is protected by NEXGUARD, a top-of-the-line antimicrobial agent that protects shelves from damaging bacteria, mold, and mildew, not to mention corrosion and rust, even in areas with high humidity levels and extreme temperatures. Nexelon is so confident in the quality of their finish, they offer a lifetime guarantee against rust, corrosion, and other types of environmental-related damages. For more sensitive storage needs, Nexelon shelving is NSF-certified for use in areas demanding sterile, dependable storage.

Poly-Z-Brite shelving from Nexelon has an extremely durable powder-epoxy over zinc-chromate electroplating finish that looks like chrome, but does a better job of holding up through moisture and extreme temperature changes. This shelving comes with a 10-year guarantee against rust and is ideal for dry storage, coolers and freezers, dispensary storage for keeping plants safe, and even in use as outdoor wire shelving for areas that are exposed more to the elements. Poly-Z-Brite shelving is also approved by the NSF for use in healthcare and food service facilities.

Poly-Z-Brite shelving also meets NSF standards and is perfect for Health care, food service and industrial warehouses. Poly-Z-Brite shelving from Nexel has a strong true powder epoxy coat over zinc-chromate electroplating that ensures a long lasting finish that is resistant to rust a corrosion. With a similar look to popular chrome wire shelving you will be getting the same quality product along with a ten year warranty against rust. This finish is ideal for dry storage, coolers and freezers. With an 800lb capacity per shelf and industrial strength finish this shelving is one of the best in it's class.

Nexelon wire shelving has a superior finish that is strong enough to withstand wet, hot and cold extremes without any rust or corrosion for a lifetime. Nexel is so confident in this finish that it is backed with a lifetime guarantee against rust. The metallic blue surface is safe from chemicals, corrosion, mold, mildew and other bacteria. Nexelon shelving features Nexgard, an anti microbial agent that protects the epoxy coating from growth of bacteria, mildew and molds. This finish is ideal for Health care facilities, food service, commercial and industrial uses. Nexelon is promised to out last all other finishes and will handle all tough conditions and meets the standards of the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)