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Gravity Flow Racks w/ Tilted Pick Shelves

Order picking can be one of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming processes, so we're here and ready to help your business keep its operations flowing smoothly. If you have slower moving inventory that needs to be integrated into the pick line, then this is the best storage solution for your warehouse. Because the solid steel shelves are not as deep as SpanTrack roller lanes and wheel beds, they are more well-suited to hold SKUs that do not restock often. They set at an angle to move stock forward to the picker and eliminate the "dead zone", and unreachable area at the back. This means better organization, clearer visibility, easier accessibility, and greater worker comfort.

Put an end to taxing order picking activity. Our Gravity Flow Racks with Tilted Pick Shelves offer workers ergonomic improvements for the most productive picks possible. Configured in starter and add-on units to help you develop a dynamic storage system.

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