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Metro Wire Shelving

Shelving, Inchas teamed up with the innovators from InterMetro to bring you more options for wire shelving. These Metro racks are from the Super Adjustable Super Erecta product line, with specially designed shelf clips to make adjusting the height of your shelves easier than ever. Now you can customize your unit by lifting a lever, and the super adjustable shelves are super efficient! We have the most competitive prices in the industry. For a larger variety of sizes, take a look at our Shelving Inc (SI) Brand Wire Shelving. Please note, SI brand shelves may not be compatible with Metro units and vice versa.
Metro Wire Shelving 5 Shelf Starter Kits- Chrome Finish Metro Wire Shelving 5 Shelf Add On Kits- Chrome Finish Metro Wire Shelving 5 Shelf Starter Kits- Black Finish
Metro Wire Shelving 5 Shelf Starter Kits- White Finish

Chrome is the most popular finish for wire racking and shelving systems as it provides a bright, reflective coating that also protects the metal from oxidation and marring. Metro has become synonymous with wire shelving, and we are proud to carry InterMetro's line of products. These Super Adjustable Super Erecta wire shelves feature levers underneath each shelf that, once pulled, make it possible to adjust the shelf's resting height. For even more sizes of 5 shelf kits and the lowest prices in the industry, see our Shelving Inc (SI) brand of 5 shelf wire shelving kits.

To extend the length of your existing Metro wire shelving storage system, purchase a Metro add on kit. For those times when space constraints are lifted or storage requirements change, we offer these Super Adjustable Super Erecta rack add ons. You can configure these additions end to end with your standing storage unit or at a right angle, perfect creating organized storage in unused corners.

With a greater selection of sizes than our house brand of Black Wire Shelving Kits, the Metro line of epoxy coated black wire shelves are a sleek alternative to the chrome finish. Able to withstand typical wear and tear, these kits will stay attractive for years to come. Utilize black racks for storage in your garage, living room, office, or anywhere else that you need easy access to organized goods.

Metro offers a greater variety of sizes for White Wire Shelving Kits than our house brand. The white epoxy finish provides that clean look with a durable scratch resistant surface. Able to withstand typical wear and tear, these kits will stay attractive for years to come. White racks are ideal for home storage and can be placed in any room, from the kitchen pantry to a walk in closet, or even brighten up the basement. We've also had satisfied customers use white racks for product displays in their small businesses.

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