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14"d Blue Poly Liners

14"d Blue Poly Wire Shelf Liners

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Prevent small or unevenly shaped items from tipping over and sliding between the wires with these Chadko poly liners. This accessory lays right on top of wire shelves, creating a smooth surface for greater storage capabilities.

Purchase by matching your shelf's depth and width to the dimensions of the liner.

  • Adds solid surface on 14"d wire shelves
  • .025" thick polypropylene construction
  • Rounded corners
  • Moisture and chemical resistant
  • Easy to remove for thorough cleaning
  • Made in the USA

Liners are cut-to-order and are final sale. Please measure shelf and see Extended Information section below for exact sizing.

To accommodate accessories used on wire shelves, liners must be custom cut. Please note in order comments box at checkout if needed.

Availability: Usually Ships in 2-3 Business Days

Starting at: $5.64

Item# Item Name Item Price Qty Add
PBU67 14"d x 14"w Blue Poly Liner (PBU67)
PBU27 14"d x 18"w Blue Poly Liner (PBU27)
PBU8 14"d x 24"w Blue Poly Liner (PBU8)
PBU9 14"d x 30"w Blue Poly Liner (PBU9)
PBU3 14"d x 36"w Blue Poly Liner (PBU3)
PBU10 14"d x 42"w Blue Poly Liner (PBU10)
PBU5 14"d x 48"w Blue Poly Liner (PBU5)
PBU64 14"d x 54"w Blue Poly Liner (PBU64)
PBU11 14"d x 60"w Blue Poly Liner (PBU11)
PBU12 14"d x 72"w Blue Poly Liner (PBU12)
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Extended Information:

Actual Dimensions

  • 14"d x 14"w - 13-1/4"d x 13"w
  • 14"d x 18"w - 13-1/4"d x 17"w
  • 14"d x 24"w - 13-1/4"d x 23"w
  • 14"d x 30"w - 13-1/4"d x 29"w
  • 14"d x 36"w - 13-1/4"d x 35"w
  • 14"d x 42"w - 13-1/4"d x 41"w
  • 14"d x 48"w - 13-1/4"d x 47"w
  • 14"d x 54"w - 13-1/4"d x 53"w
  • 14"d x 60"w - 13-1/4"d x 59"w
  • 14"d x 72"w - 13-1/4"d x 71"w

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 14"d x 14-72"w
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Manufacturer: Chadko
  • *Ships separately from wire shelving purchases


  • Easy to install - simply lay liner on your shelf

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