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24"d T-Bar Aluminum Shelves - Heavy Duty

24"d T-Bar Aluminum Shelves - Heavy Duty


The T-Bar Aluminum Shelf by New Age Industrial is great for accommodating smaller items and heavier loads in refrigerated areas, as well as packing and storage spaces. With its welded aluminum construction and front to back braces, this shelf is exceedingly reliable and supportive.

  • For use with New Age Industrial Aluminum Posts
  • Built to accommodate smaller items and heavier loads
  • Allows for easy placing and removal of products
  • 8 T-bar spaces
  • 1.75" spaces between bars for maximum airflow and the prevention of product "sagging"
  • Holds up to 1,500 lbs, evenly distributed
  • Superior for refrigerated environments and packaging and storage areas
  • Lifetime Guarantee against rust and corrosion
  • Certified by the NSF for food service and health fields
  • Made in the USA

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Item# Item Name Item Price Qty Add
2430TB 24"d x 30"w T-Bar Shelf - Heavy Duty (2430TB)
2436TB 24"d x 36"w T-Bar Shelf - Heavy Duty (2436TB)
2442TB 24"d x 42"w T-Bar Shelf - Heavy Duty (2442TB)
2448TB 24"d x 48"w T-Bar Shelf - Heavy Duty (2448TB)
2454TB 24"d x 54"w T-Bar Shelf - Heavy Duty (2454TB)
2460TB 24"d x 60"w T-Bar Shelf - Heavy Duty (2460TB)
2466TB 24"d x 66"w T-Bar Shelf - Heavy Duty (2466TB)
2472TB 24"d x 72"w T-Bar Shelf - Heavy Duty (2472TB)
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Extended Information:

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 24"d x 30-72"w
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Manufacturer: New Age Industrial
  • Weight: 9.50-20.60 lbs


  • Simple Assembly Required

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