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25' 3-Wire QUIK-LOK Cord

25' 3-Wire QUIK-LOK Cord


Inconvenienced by a broken cord? Don't worry. This product quickly replaces a damaged cord on any Milwaukee tool designed for the Quik-Lok system and can safely handle the high power requirements of your tool.

  • Allows fast replacement of damaged cord
  • Fits 3-pronged extension cords
  • 25' adds extra mobility at jobsites or workshops
  • Safely handles up to 10 amps of power for tools
  • Long-lasting premium grade Hi-Flex wire for years of performance

Availability: Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days

Our Price: $49.71

Product Code: 48-76-4025



  • To change a damaged cord, simply turn the collar at the top of the cord counter clockwise to loosen the nut and pull down on the cord to remove.
  • To re-attach a new cord, line up the pins in the end of the tool with the pin receptacles in the end of the cord, push together and turn the collar clockwise to lock in place.

Product Details

  • Length: 25'
  • Construction Type: 3-Wire
  • Plug Type: 5-15P NEMA
  • Wire Thickness: 18 gauge
  • Weight: 2.04 lbs
  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Tool

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