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Penco Rivet Angle Posts

Angle Post for Rivet Shelving


Penco Rivet Angle Posts

Penco RIVETRITE® Boltless Shelving consists of simple components that lock rigidly together to form exceptionally strong shelving units.

  • Angle Posts for Penco Rivet Rite shelving racks
  • To create a rack unit you will need four angle posts per rack
  • Holes are punched every 1-1/2" on centers for shelf adjustability
  • Standard Duty Angle Posts 24" - 108" high are 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" (14 Gauge)
  • Heavy Duty Angle Posts 10' & 12' high are 1-7/8" x 1-7/8' (14 Gauge)
  • Powder Coat Finish Beige/Putty Color
Manufacturer: Penco

Item# Item Name Starting at Qty Add
P46AS02C Penco Rivet Angle Post 2' (P46AS02C)
P46AS03C Penco Rivet Angle Post 3' (P46AS03C)
P46AS04C Penco Rivet Angle Post 4' (P46AS04C)
P46AS05C Penco Rivet Angle Post 5' (P46AS05C)
P46AS06C Penco Rivet Angle Post 6' (P46AS06C)
P46AS07C Penco Rivet Angle Post 7' (P46AS07C)
P46AS08C Penco Rivet Angle Post 8' (P46AS08C)
P46AS09C Penco Rivet Angle Post 9' (P46AS09C)
P46AH10C Penco Rivet HD Angle Post 10' (P46AH10C)
P46AH12C Penco Rivet HD Angle Post 12' (P46AH12C)
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Extended Information:
Manufacturer: Penco

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