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Hardwood Shelf Inserts for Wire Shelving

Made from self-sustaining North American hardwoods and hand-crafted in New York, our hardwood shelf inserts are uniquely made and provide an excellent work surface for restaurant shelving, kitchen work, or even your business. Convert your wire shelving into a second desk surface in the office, or add an extra dimension to your bakers racks by giving them a solid top to work from. Whatever your work need, our hardwood inserts have you - and your shelves - covered.

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Care Info

Our hardwood shelf inserts are made by Catskill Craftsman and are coated in mineral oil and should be kept well oiled through their lifetime. The manufacturer suggests they be oiled with 100% pure mineral oil once a week for three weeks and then once a month for three months. Afterwards, you can continue to oil whenever the surface appears to be lighter in color or to be drying out. You cannot over oil the wood. Please read here for more info from the manufacturer.

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