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Metro Super Adjustable Chrome Wire Shelving Add-On Units

Need to expand your Metro wire shelving unit? No problem! Wire shelving can easily grow along with your storage needs. These shelving add-on kits are designed to extend Metro 5-shelf starter kits. Each kit includes two (2) 74”h posts, five (5) wire shelves, and ten (10) S-hooks to secure your new racks to your existing shelving.

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18"d Add-On Metro Shelving Kits

The most common sized shelves, 18"d wire add-on kits have become a very popular seller. Utilize the extension end to end, or set it at a right angle to your existing shelving unit in order to create corner storage. InterMetro is a trusted name in the storage industry and has been in business over 80 years. Shelving Inc has generations of experience to help you design the storage unit that will best fit your needs. For any questions or help ordering, call us at 1.800.637.9508.

21"d Add-On Metro Shelving Kits

We are proud to carry this size of wire racking because 21"d is not very common. For that reason, it is important to have the ability to extend your uniquely sized shelf when you have exceeded your current storage requirements. Purchase these add-on Kits if you already have a 21"d Metro Wire 5 Shelf Starter Kit.

24"d Add-On Metro Shelving Kits

If you already have (or are also buying) a 24"d Metro Wire 5 Shelf Starter Kit, this is the correct size unit for you.