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Metro White Epoxy Wire Shelving

InterMetro offers color options for their Super Erecta wire racks, like this model in white. Click below to view the different sizes available in each depth. We also carry our house brand of white epoxy wire shelving. Please note, however, that our house brand and Metro wire shelving products may not be compatible. For a greater variety of sizes and styles, check out our main Wire Shelving section.

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Superstitious about white shelves being the hardest to keep clean? Let our white Metro shelving change your mind.

Metro white wire shelving offers the same durable construction as all Metro wire shelves, but with an added layer of protection from the thick white epoxy coating. Suitable for both dry and more humid conditions, white epoxy shelving can find itself equally at home in coolers, restaurants, and pharmacies as it does in retail or warehousing situations. These white shelves combine the weight capacity and reliability of Metro wire shelving with an epoxy coating that helps them withstand more delicate storage needs.

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