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Nexel Rivet Shelving

You will notice that the price point of this bulk storage shelving is meant to provide an economical solution for your organizational needs. Since the uprights are double slotted, they are easier to assemble than other double rivet shelving. Simply slide the metal shelf into position and tap down with a rubber mallet to lock it in place. With a boltless style shelving system, you will have your shelving conveniently shipped in neat packages to easily fit where you need additional storage. This line of open metal shelving comes with your choice of three different styles of decking: white melamine laminate particle boards (1/2"h), wood decking (5/8"h), and wire decking (3" square mesh openings). Store securely with these extra heavy duty rivet lock shelving units.

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Wood Decking

This is the economical choice for your shelving kits. Each deck is cut to match the size of your shelf for an optimum fit. Wood decking is the obvious choice for a small budget when you want to increase storage without sacrificing strength.

Melamine Decking

Depending on the type of materials you store, you might consider this solid laminate material for your shelf base. Ideal for boxes and other cardboard packaging, the smooth surface allows products to slide, aiding in order fulfillment and in house picking. As an added benefit, the glossy white surface reflects light to help illuminate your warehouse. Laminate decking is made with a melamine topcoat over a dense particle board, providing a great deal of strength and support.

Wire Decking

Wire mesh is a strong base for any shelf, but there are specific reasons why you should purchase this style of shelving for your rivet racks. If you are concerned about cleanliness, the wire mesh does not collect dirt the way a solid shelf would. It also allows more light to pass through each tier, helping to illuminate stockrooms and increase the efficiency of order fulfillment. Decidedly, one of the greatest benefits from the grid style of wire decking is the cost it can save you in insurance. By having an open deck, you are avoiding potential fire hazards that threaten cluttered warehouses. Your sprinkler system will be much more efficient when the water can penetrate multiple layers. Save your money and protect your inventory with wire decking.

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