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Penco RivetRite Shelving

Rivet shelving is an excellent option for bulk storage at an affordable price. Penco’s boltless RivetRite shelving is very easy to assemble, requiring nothing more than a rubber mallet to tap the shelves into place. All varieties of Penco boltless rivet shelving come with particle board decking.

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12"d 5/8" Particle Board for Rivet Shelving 15"Deep Particle Board 18"Deep Particle Board
Starting at: $2.95 Starting at: $4.93 Starting at: $2.95
24"Deep Particle Board 30"Deep Particle Board 36"Deep Particle Board
Starting at: $7.88 Starting at: $9.86 Starting at: $17.75
42"Deep Particle Board 48"Deep Particle Board
Starting at: $13.81 Starting at: $15.79

Penco Rivet Shelving

While we offer many sizes and styles of boltless rivet shelving, not all brands are interchangeable. For that reason, we've broken out the Penco products separately from our other brands so you can be sure you're buying the right product. Whether you're a brand loyalist or appreciate the high quality of Penco's roll-formed rivet shelving, you can purchase starter units here. You can also buy add-on rivet shelving units here if you are expanding on your current Penco RivetRite shelving.