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Pallet Rack CapacitiesBenefits of Pallet Racking
About Pallet RackingPallet Racking Options
Pallet Rack ShipmentsUses for Pallet Racks
Pallet Rack AssemblyDifferent Styles of Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking Components Capacities

Click to view our Pallet Rack Capacity PDF.

About Pallet Racking

With the increased popularity of buying in bulk, more people are beginning to recognize Pallet Racking as a storage solution for their business. While it was once relegated to warehouses, pallet racking is now on the sales floor of some major American stores. The beauty of pallet racking is that it allows you to store entire skids; high volume inventory is quickly unloaded from the truck and stocked accordingly.

Pallet racks are super heavy duty, able to handle the toughest job with capacities ranging from 1,800 to 12,600 lbs per tier. The basic design utilizes a welded upright frame with teardrop slots every 2" that accept load bearing studs from the step beams. One beam in the front and one beam in the back connect the two frames, meaning this unit can be assembled with a rubber mallet and a helping hand. Each beam can be readjusted after assembly.

Pallet Racking Systems allow warehouses and storage facilities to store multiple pallets on multiple levels, allowing maximum storage density at an affordable cost. Our industrial pallet rack shelving can be used for hand picking inventory or in conjunction with warehouse handling machinery. From pallet jacks to fork lifts, cherry pickers and more, we can help you take advantage of your space with a new (or used) Pallet Racking System. This system is widely used by manufacturers, warehouses, distribution facilities, and retail storage centers. We even offer optional wire decking for added storage convenience.

Pallet Rack Shipments

Whether you place your order online or over the phone with one of our helpful sales reps, our pallet racks generally ship within 2 business days. The key to our quick-shipments is a large inventory of sizes in stock at our warehouse in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Not only do we ship pallet rack frames, step beams, and welded wire decks, but we frequently have used pallet racks available for purchase. Give us a call to check on availability: 1.800.637.9508.

Since pallet racks are large in and of themselves, we ship all orders via ABF Freight. If you have an account and would us to ship collect, please indicate that to us while placing your order.

Pallet Rack Assembly

In spite of it being super heavy duty, pallet racks are actually quite simple. The upright frames are welded together, so all that you have to do is insert the load bearing studs from the step beam into the teardrop shaped slots of the upright. Apply downward pressure and the beams will lock into the channels. Rest assured that the three point contact system is one of the strongest in the industry. If you ever need to relocate your shelves, the process is equally simple. Just grab a rubber mallet and disengage the locked studs (tap the step beam upward) and pop it out of the teardrop opening. Industrial pallet racking is customizable and scalable, so it changes with the demands of your business.

Benefits of Pallet Racking

Below are just some of the benefits you can expect when you choose pallet racking to expand your space and store your goods.
  • Racks take up less floor space, allowing you to add storage
  • Steel construction not only supports heavy loads, but increases safety
  • Can be bolted to the ground for added stability
  • Many accessories are available to maximize the efficiency of your business
  • Quickly upgrade existing system or create a new one
  • Incredibly scalable and adjustable, can grow with your space
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • In the event of damage, individual components can be replaced, saving you down the line
  • Easy assembly and installation saves on labor costs
  • Ready for immediate shipment
Make your warehouse storage investment with Shelving Inc and you'll see savings both immediately and in the long run. Save on the cost of your purchase/installation, then save on operations cost by increasing the efficiency of your work flow. Cut spending now and increase your bottom line later with Industrial Pallet Racking from Shelving Inc.

Pallet Racking Options

When you choose pallet racking to store your goods, you’ll get better and more efficient use of your space. Customize your pallet racking with options such as rack column protectors, row spacers, and more. We also offer welded wire decks that allow for added security, strength, quick visual assessment of inventory and overall cleanliness of warehouses.

Browse our Pallet Rack Options and Accesories to see how they can boost performance in your business.

Uses for Pallet Racks

Pallet Racks are commonly used in a wide variety of industries and applications. From retail storage, to manufacturers to warehouses, pallet racks provide versatility and unsurpassed adaptability for high volume palletized storage. As the name implies, pallet racks are designed to store pallets and, along with the use of wire decking, any high density bulk inventory you may have. The open design is great for quick inventory checks and makes storage and retrieval very easy!
  • Pallet Racking for Warehouses
Expand your warehouse storage possibilities with easy to assemble industrial racks. By utilizing a pallet racking system, you can increase workflow and efficiency by creating structures that dictate your work space. Line your walls with racks for high density storage and leave your manufacturing floor open, free of obstructions that may present safety hazards. Conversely, you can create aisles of racks specifically for forklifts to organize your order fulfillment.

  • Pallet Racking for Retail Storage
If you're low on space but high in volume, you may consider using the sales floor as your stock room. Have your night crew stock deliveries above your merchandising and display shelves with a 144" tall pallet rack. Easily retrieve products when needed with the help of a ladder. Not only is the design of pallet racking smart and easy to use, but it can save you tons of space.

  • Pallet Racking for Manufacturers
Pallet Racking storage will create a versatile system for any manufacturing facility. Adaptable to many types of industries, pallet racking will greatly improve the overall functionality of your workplace. Store your heavy machinery, bulk resources, or outbound shipments out of the way with these high capacity, durable shelves. Pallet storage is perfect for manufacturers looking to maximize their storage space and improve their workplace performance.

Different Styles of Pallet Racking

There is more to pallet racking than just welded frames, step beams, and wire decks. The whole idea is to have a place to store palletized goods, but there are different ways to put that into practice. A typical rack set-up will be a drive-in system: a forklift will drop a pallet as far back onto the rack as it will go in order to accommodate additional pallets in front. However, this First-In Last-Out system is not good for perishable goods. By creating aisles, your open racking can be utilized with a First-In First-Out pick system.

Other pallet racking solutions exist that can rotate stock in a smaller space. One option is Push Back Pallet Racking, a style of racking that uses a sliding base for each pallet, allowing you to load another pallet by pushing the first one back; this can be done with up to 4 pallets. When you remove the front pallet, those behind it gently roll forward on their sliding track, moving into the next position. So, if you don't have the room in your warehouse to create aisles, consider creating a system 2-4 pallets deep along one wall.

There are other variations of industrial pallet racking systems that can be applied to your warehouse in order to facilitate workflow, be it order fulfillment or production. To find out more about the options available to you, call one of our helpful sales reps. 1.800.637.9508. You can use the chat button (on the left) to talk to a real person who knows all about pallet racking solutions M-F, 9a-5p EST.

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