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Rivet Shelving Component Details

ANGLE POST - 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" 14 gauge (Standard Duty): Used as upright post for standard RivetRite units.

ANGLE POST - 1-7/8" x 1-7/8" 14 gauge (Heavy Duty): When maximum capacity and stability are essential, the heavy duty angle post is the proper choice. Ideally suited for two level shelving, storage deck and high rise shelving applications.

TEE POST - 3" x 1-1/2" (Standard Duty): Included with standard duty add-on units to function as a common post between starter and adjoining units.

TEE POST - 3-3/4" x 1-7/8" (Heavy Duty): Used in the same way as the standard tee, when increased load capacities are required.

SINGLE RIVET SHELF BEAM 14 gauge (Standard Duty): Primarily used as an intermediate shelf support when maximum vertical space between levels is needed. Furnished as standard on High Density Shelving units.

SINGLE RIVET SHELF BEAM 11 gauge (Heavy Duty): Manufactured to provide maximum capacity with very little loss of usable vertical space between shelves.

DOUBLE RIVET ANGLE BEAM 16 gauge (Standard Duty): Used to establish unit stability and to provide shelf support on all four sides.

DOUBLE RIVET ANGLE BEAM 14 gauge (Heavy Duty): Provides stability and increased load capacity in the longer lengths.

DOUBLE RIVET CHANNEL BEAM 14 gauge: Designed to provide maximum left to right stability and higher capacity than standard or heavy duty beams. Cannot be used at floor level.

CENTER SUPPORT 16 gauge: Used with double rivet beams to provide front-to-rear support for shelf deck and provides added stability to beams.

DOUBLE RIVET ZEE STEP BEAMS: Reduced profile increases vertical clearance by 1-1/4" between shelf levels when used in place of Double Rivet Angle Beams. Protects decking edges. When used as the bottom shelf on Single Rivet Units clear space between the bottom and first shelf is increased by 1-1/4".

About Rivet Shelving

Our Boltless Rivet Shelves are proudly made in America by Penco manufacturers. With superior quality materials and production, our rivet racks can hold up to 1500 lbs. Store all of your retail, wholesale, industrial, or simply your residential goods on rivet shelving units to help organize your space efficiently. Each metal shelving unit is open from all sides, as the sturdy construction of the components do not require any exterior bracing. Place it along the wall or create aisles for easy organization and increased accessibility.

Get your warehouse, office or storage space organized and operating more effectively with rivet shelving. These riveted shelves are ideal for commercial and industrial spaces, as well as residential basements and garages. With riveted shelving, you can effectively store and protect all kinds of goods and supplies. Proper storage is a must when there is limited space in buildings of storage spaces. These units are specifically designed to give you maximum storage capabilities no matter how large or small your space. With these shelves you can obtain the greatest vertical clearance between shelves. You also will be able to gain access to stored items from all sides, because side and back cross braces are not necessary for stability.

Types of Rivet Shelving

There are two main kinds of Rivet Shelving: single rivet and double rivet. These two types can be easily identified by the height of the crossbeam because of the way the boltless system fits together. The rivets correspond to slots in the upright, so two rivets have to fit two different slots. Therefore, the double rivet angle-beam is taller than the single rivet beam. More metal is used in the fabrication of the double rivet beams, making them better suited to support larger weights.

Double rivet is the heavy duty storage option when compared to the single rivet shelf. The maximum weight limit for a shelf with double rivet angle beams is 1,500 lbs, vs 350 lbs on a single rivet shelf. You might consider the single rivet to be light duty, but these since these shelving units are modular, you can add multiple shelves to your existing kit. That means you can have 7 or more tiers that each hold 350 lbs. Weight isn't the only factor, of course. If you're looking for high density storage, you'll want to maximize your vertical storage space, in which case the smaller single rivet beam is your best option.

In addition to the two types of rivet shelving, we offer two different manufacturers. Our Penco RivetRite and Hallowell Rivetwell boltless shelving units are stocked in our warehouse and come in a large variety of sizes, depths, and configurations.

Rivet Shelving Shipments

As mentioned above, we offer two different brands of this metal shelving: Penco and Hallowell. Penco is stocked in our warehouse and available in many sizes and configurations. We typically process orders within 5-10 business days and ship via ABF Freight. The knocked-down components are palletized and require lift-gate service for large orders.

Bulk orders and special pricing are available for non-residential delivery only. Call for more details 1.800.637.9508.

Benefits of Rivet Shelving

Choosing High Density Rivet Shelving for your business, home, or office entails many great benefits. An open design is just one of the perks. Below are some more great advantages.
  • Provides maximum vertical clearance, allowing you to store more with less space
  • Easy to assemble storage helps you organize and stock your Retail, Wholesale or Industrial goods
  • Maintain archived files and records, increase accountability
  • Modular system allows you to customize the metal shelves to fit your needs
  • If your storage needs change, you will be able to expand upon your existing unit

Uses for Rivet Shelving

Rivet Shelving is amazingly sturdy and durable, making it ideal for a range of applications, from residential to industrial. Each unit is completely customizable when needed, so you can fit the dimensions and storage needs of your work zone. To increase the productivity of your business, you can open up some floor space by increasing the vertical aspect of your storage; a smaller footprint with additional shelves will allow more room for a greater work flow. After all, these shelves are designed for maximum vertical clearance between shelves. Of course, boltless shelves aren't just used for work flow.

  • Rivet Shelving for the Office
If your office is lacking storage, rivet shelving offers an efficient and economical fix. Whether you need to stock additional inventory, clean up your filing system, or organize janitorial supplies in a large closet, this stable metal shelving will work hard for you. Paper products, office supplies, and merchandise will be readily available with an open metal shelf around.

  • Rivet Shelving for Warehouses
Rivet shelving is one of the most popular high density storage solutions used in industrial and commercial storage centers, as it allows you to expand upward rather than outward. Increase your warehouse’s floor space, and create a custom storage system with rivet shelving. You can even select your beam capacity to meet your storage requirements. You will soon discover the high quality and sustainability of these high quality shelves. Choose your preferred Rivet Shelving for your warehouse today! If you're truly looking to take advantage of your warehouse space, consider combining rivet shelving with mezzanines, creating different floors in your workspace.

  • Rivet Shelving for the Home
Create a space for your tools, boxes, and work equipment. Your dream garage is a small remodeling away with a little help from rivet shelving. When your shop or workroom get cluttered with D.I.Y. projects, you need to keep yourself organized. One way to do so reliably is with a sturdy, metal shelving unit. Rivet shelves are perfect for storing tools, sporting goods, car equipment, boxes of clothes, bins of holiday decorations, and much more. We also offer rivet style workbenches and tables because they're so versatile. Many garages double or are used as a workspace for tradesman, hobbyists, and artists. Rivet style benches provide great support and storage, they are a great cost effective solution for working and building on. The lower level of rivet style tables provide much needed storage space for items not in use, as well as easy retrieval of commonly used tools. Get your garage organized and in working order with functional rivet shelves from Shelving Inc. You’ll love the quality and appreciate the price!

How to Shop for Rivet Style Shelving on

Here at Shelving Inc. shopping for Rivet Style Shelving is easy. Take a look at our rivet shelving page and you’ll see a wide variety of affordable storage options. Choose from our many styles of rivet shelving such as the Hallowell double rivet or the Penco brand single rivet, double rivet and archive storage shelving. Once you've clicked on your desired style, you will be taken to a page with refined options, giving you different depths to choose from or the number of shelves that you would like for your kit. Proceed to click on the options that suit your storage needs until you arrive at the product detail page. When you get to this screen, you will be presented with specific details about the unit you chose and prompted to "add to cart." Make sure that the options you select are the ones that you want, click the "add to cart" button and proceed to check out.

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call. And remember, you can always click on the sliding button to the left or the static button below that says "Chat" to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales reps during business hours (M-F 9a-5p).